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Frag-Loc Compression Screw

Frag-Loc Compression Screw

Percutaneous Dorsal Fragment Reduction

The exclusive Frag-Loc Compression Screw is designed to reduce difficult dorsal fragments to the Acu-Loc VDR, Acu-Loc EX, and Acu-Loc 2 VDR Plates. A unique two-part cannulated screw, the Frag-Loc works by providing compression to the dorsal fragments through a small dorsal incision.

The Frag-Loc Compression Screw may only be used for measured screw lengths of 16-24 mm. The Frag-Loc Compression Screw, Long may only be used for measured screw lengths of 20-28 mm. It is recommended that a second 2.3 mm screw be placed in an adjacent screw hole to prevent rotation of the dorsal bone fragment.

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