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Polarus PHP System

Acumed announces a new standard of treatment for calcaneal fractures. The newly expanded Acumed® Calcaneal Plating System is a complete family of plates designed specifically for a minimally invasive approach to challenging calcaneal fractures.

The Acumed® MINI-Calc™ Plates, a new addition to the Acumed® Calcaneal Plating System, provide maximum benefits in performance, versatility, and reliability for one of the most challenging fractures to treat. These approach-specific, low-profile plates target the best quality bone in the calcaneus and minimize soft tissue irritation while still providing a durable construct. Additionally, Acumed® MINI-Calc™ plates can be used in conjunction with the Acumed® Lower Extremity Modular System for easy customization of plates and instrumentation for each case.

Developed in conjunction with Greg A. Horton, M.D., and Steven A. Herbst, M.D., the Acumed® Calcaneal Plating System is comprised of twenty left- and right-specific calcaneal plates. This comprehensive plate system provides surgeons with more options to address a wide range of fracture types and patient needs.

Although calcaneal fractures are the most common tarsal bone fractures, they are the most difficult to treat. Today’s most common solution, the extensile lateral incision, often results in wound complications for nearly 30-percent of patients. The Acumed® Calcaneal Plating System was designed for a minimally invasive approach using a sinus tarsi incision, reducing the risk of wound complication and advancing the treatment of calcaneal fractures.




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