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Hillsboro, OR April 2011 -- In the tradition of providing surgeons with innovative solutions, Acumed® announces the newly designed Acumed® Dual-Trak Clavicle Screw System -- an intramedullary option to treat middle-third clavicle fractures.

Addressing issues common to intramedullary clavicle fixation techniques; complicated and invasive surgical techniques, soft-tissue stripping, implant migration or failure and more. The minimally invasive Acumed® Dual-Trak Clavicle Screw provides excellent fracture stability and restoration of anatomical alignment.

Designed in conjunction with Robert M. Orfaly, M.D., the Dual-Trak Clavicle Screw offers a novel surgical solution for acute fractures, malunions and nonunions of the clavicle: the subosseous screw is implanted entirely within the canal of the clavicle to preserve the periosteum and surrounding soft tissue.

This fully intramedullary Dual-Trak Clavicle Screw implant may decrease painful prominent hardware and soft tissue irritation, and may reduce the risk of infection. The Dual-Trak Clavicle Screw, features differential pitch threads to maximize holding control and compression. Unlike other implants available on the market, the Dual-Trak Clavicle Screw does not require any extra-medullary means of fixation to maintain compression or prevent implant migration.

The Dual-Trak Clavicle Screw System is organized in a comprehensive tray with all the instrumentation necessary to implant the screw. This versatile system can be used as a stand-alone solution or in conjunction with the Acumed® Locking Clavicle Plate System for a complete clavicle solution system for surgeon and hospital convenience.

About Acumed®

Acumed® is a global leader and pioneer of innovative orthopaedic and medical solutions developed to improve patient care. With over two decades of experience in the orthopaedic industry, our mission is to aid the afflicted through the ingenuity of our minds, the labor of our hands and the compassion of our hearts. Acumed was founded in 1988 by Randy and Mary Huebner and is headquartered in Hillsboro, Oregon, with a global distribution network and offices worldwide.




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